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5 Main Benefits Of Drain Cleaning Services


Main Benefits Of Drain Cleaning Services

Most likely, the status of your drains, plumbing, and pipes aren’t at the top of your mind. You’ve got too many other things to do. You have to get the kids off to school, go to work, bring your kids to practices and lessons, plus cook and clean.

It’s no wonder you’re not thinking about clogged drains. But, this can lead to disasters that can throw you off your busy schedule.

Just think what would happen if you’re preparing for the holidays or a birthday party and your garbage disposal, sink, tub or toilet gets clogged. These problems can lead to embarrassment if you have guests over, canceled plans or time off of work.

So, how do you prevent these drain problems before they start?

The following five benefits of drain cleaning services explain how preventative maintenance on your pipes and drains can keep them flowing smoothly.

Five Benefits of Drain Cleaning Services

When you have a clogged drain, you might be tempted to rent a drain-cleaning machine or snake it out yourself. After all the dirty work and effort, you might only have a temporary fix.

Most home remedies don’t clean your pipes completely and using drain cleaning chemicals is dangerous. Soon the hole you made clogs again.

The following five benefits of professional drain cleaning show your best bet is to leave drain cleaning to the professionals:

1. Increase Water Flow

Accumulation of any kind of buildup inside your drains and pipes restricts the water flow. You might not even notice your sink or tub draining slowly. But, if any increase in usages, such as parties or holidays, your dirty pipes won’t be able to handle the extra water.

Every time you and your family use the tub or shower more hair and soap scum builds up in your drain. Eventually, your drain will become completely clogged.
It’s much better to have your drains professionally cleaned for maintaining optimum water flow.

2. Eliminate Odors

If you notice any smells coming from your drains, then you already have a blockage problem. Even if the water still drains from your sink, there is stinky buildup in your drain and pipes.

Don’t try to mask the odor with air fresheners. It’s important to eliminate the cause of the odors and make sure your plumbing works the way it should.

3. Repair Drain Damage

When you have a drain cleaning service come to your home, they’ll not only clean your drains but check for any pipe damage. You probably don’t think about what’s happening to the drains in your walls and basement. As they say, ”out of sight, out of mind.”

But the potential damage to your home can be extensive if you have drain and pipe damage in your walls or basement. Damage can result from tree roots, corroded pipes, and age. You wouldn’t even notice your pipes leaking until the water spots show up on your walls, ceilings and basement floor.

4. Less Expensive Water Bills

If you have an undetected water leak in your pipes, especially the ones that lead to your septic system or town water line, your water usage increases. This means a higher water bill. Having a certified plumber inspect your drains and water pipes saves you money in the long run.

They have modern methods of detecting leaks without any digging in your yard. So, you don’t have to worry about damage to your landscaping.

5. Cleaner Home Environment

Did you know that drain flies love nesting in the slime of your drains? These small, moth-like flying insects hatch in your drain and fly out into your home.

You can see them resting on your walls and around your sinks. Making sure you have your drains cleaned regularly can eliminate drain flies.

Also, mold and mildew grow inside your dark, moist drains. Breathing moldy fumes coming from your drain can cause health problems.

Another hygienic concern is having a backup from your sewer system due to clogged pipes. The last thing you want is raw sewage overflowing into your home.

By keeping your drains clean, it prevents all of these serious cleanliness problems.

How Do Drain Cleaning Services Clean Drains and Pipes?

When clogs and blockages happen, professional drain cleaners can save your day. They use advanced methods for finding blockages and leaks. These modern methods are time efficient and effective.

This means they can clean your drains quickly saving you money on labor costs. Here are a few of the methods professional drain cleaners use:

High-Tech Video Cameras

Advancement in diagnostic equipment like camera systems can take video images from inside your pipes. Your plumber can locate a clog this way.

You can see the clog on digital devices so you know exactly where it is. You also get to see when it’s gone. For example, if you have a washing machine drainage problem, your drain cleaner can get a camera down there and show you the exact problem.

This lets you know you won’t need to call for a return service call. Unlike the old days when you took it for granted the clog was gone, today you can see definitive results. Today’s new technology is precise and allows your plumber to work efficiently in the least amount of time.

Drain Snaking

Drain snakes are powerful tools that clear the toughest roots, grease, and clogs that block your pipes and drains. The snake grabs the messy blockage and pulls it out. Your plumber repeats this process until the entire clog is gone.

It’s risky business to try DIY drain cleaning with a plumber’s snake. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could crack your pipes causing leaks. It’s always better to call your plumber before attempting snaking yourself.

It’s Time for Drain Maintenance

Now that you know the five benefits of calling a professional drain cleaning service, schedule your drain cleaning before disaster strikes. Keep your drains flowing like new. Also, you won’t have to worry about mold, mildew, odors or insects coming out of your drains

Contact us if you’re having drain problems in your home or business. Our professional drain cleaning services will make sure your drains are clog-free and flowing efficiently.

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